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Cultivated in Puglia by Miss Freschezza


Price per Bunch (approx. 100g)

It falls into the "fresh herbs" category, it is a biennial plant of the latifolium species (smooth broad-leaved). Normally the plants can reach a height that in some cases can even exceed 70-80 cm with leaves with an intense green color and a strong aroma typical of the crop. Harvesting in the field is done by manually mowing the plant at the stem, grouping the leaves into a bunch and then tying them with an elastic band.
Parsley is native to the Mediterranean area and was known by the Romans as a medicinal plant. Around 1500 it began to be considered a food plant, first in Italy and later in England and Germany. In Italy, the regions that hold the record for production in terms of surface units are Puglia with the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Foggia and Liguria with Savona and Genoa.
beneficial properties
In cooking and in daily nutrition, parsley should preferably be used raw in order to preserve all the properties of its leaves. In fact, it is an aromatic herb with countless therapeutic and healing properties, given its high content of vitamins and mineral salts, which however deteriorate with the heat of cooking. One tablespoon of chopped parsley leaves contains the same amount of vitamin C as a small orange (equal to two-thirds of the daily requirement). Furthermore, parsley is also an excellent source of beta-carotene with an antioxidant action for the skin, of calcium which is essential for the re-mineralisation of bones and helps to keep hair and nails healthy.


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